Living Dead Cakes


Who & what are Living Dead cakes? 

Living Dead Cakes are one girl and one bat covered red Kitchen Aid.
The spookiness behind Living Dead Cakes was brewed many years ago.  My love for creepy dolls help coin the name.

I am a trained & qualified chef and pastry chef in classic French patisserie.

All my cake decorating skills have been self taught, but in the future I do hope to gain some qualifications in this, I would also love to do a culinary arts degree. Maybe one day.

At the moment I just use my skills at home. Baking, creating cakes and recipes for friends and family to enjoy.

I’m not a business. So I do not take orders. Please do not message me asking me to make a cake for you as regrettably the answer will be no.

Please feel free to follow my Facebook page as I do cake give-aways quite often & we are on twitter, & Instagram too

Unfortunately I don’t have time to make this little hobby a career as much as I would love too. There are lots of factors in my life that stop this from becoming a reality.

Maybe one day your walk down the high street and see a little black and white coffee shop with the name Living Dead Cakes.

My love for cooking was born when I was a little gothling helping my Grandma bake and make Dundee cakes for my father, sadly she passed away when I was 7 years old but she is the reason & inspiration  behind my love of creating food for people I love.

Here is a little family snap of me baking aged 3 years old.


I suffer from a range of mental health issues that affect my life on a daily basis but being in the kitchen helps keep my mind busy and lets my creative side flourish.

On here I am going to share photos of my cakes and some recipes of sweet things that I love and feel that you might like too, I will also post recipes and photos of other yummy foods I have made. So if cake isn’t your thing then do not worry.

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Kitchen Aid

The key i use on my recipes, look out for the little plant & tick.

?✅ key

✅=Gluten Free

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