One thing I love….

One thing I love making are birthday cakes for my two children, the look of joy on their faces when they see their cakes fill me with love and happiness and really reminds me why I love doing all this.

Over the years I have made Lego bricks covered in green butter cream to pink & purple Rapunzel castles.

Each cake make for them is inspired by the thing they most covet or love that year.

Both my children are summer babies and that adds an element of extra stress to the creating of their cakes as July is normally hot and humid & that is a cake baker’s worst climate.

The year of the Minecraft cake was especially hot. the heat mixed with millions of little green squares of fondant was one that I look back on and laugh at how often I had to keep chilling the cake to keep the butter cream crumb coat from running off the cake.

When I was a child my Mum made me a few cakes that I can remember. The 80’s were the decade of sickly yellow butter cream teamed with chocolate fingers to make a clock from a nursery rhyme out of a M&S birthday cake book. In the years to come I hope my children think back to the years of cakes I made them and smile with the same affection that I do when I think of my clock cake and brown tractor that my Mum made me.

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