My favourite vegan & gluten free products

Since becoming vegan the way I shop hasn’t really changed as I’m a seasoned label reader, but when you first become vegan or gluten free it can be a scary and overwhelming time.

Food manufactures fill our food full of things that in my opinion don’t always need to be there & supermarkets take advantage of people with allergies and dietary requirements.

They pad out the free from shelfs with some items that are normally gluten free/vegan anyway, plus they then make us pay extra for it! For example Tesco free from ketchup  £1.20 460g bottle vs Tesco ketchup £0.65 for the same size bottle! 55p more! Both are vegan & gluten free!!

My tip: Read labels and don’t always head straight to the free from section. Check your old favorite items first you might have a pleasant surprise.  

For me with being vegan and gluten free the amount of ready made food products I can have are limited even more, while something might be vegan it may have gluten in it & then something might be gluten free but then contain egg/milk etc.

If you have been shopping with me, then you may have witnessed my “happy dance” when I find something I can eat. It’s like the dance Snoopy does but with a bit more style! And some jazz hands thrown in for good measure ?

It’s a happy day when I find something vegan and gluten free, so the moment needs to celebrated with a fitting dance.

So these are some of my favourite vegan & gluten free products,

I hope they help you when you are out shopping.

Vitalite Sunflower Spread 500g

Price £1.00 Vitalite Sunflower Spread 500G

Availability: Most supermarkets (chiller with the butter)

I love this alternative to butter. I prefer cooking with Pure sunflower but both are just yummy on crackers. Plus Vitalite is cheaper!

Schar gluten free cream crackers:

Price:  £2.50 schar cream crackers

Availability: Asda/Sainsbury’s (free from section)

Since being gluten free I have missed cream crackers so much and when I saw these in Sainsbury’s and saw they were vegan too, I did do my happy dance when i found these in Sainsbury’s  & they taste amazing & come in little sealed packets of 6 X 5 crackers.

The only bad point is they are very fragile and can break into a million crumbs if you are not careful.

Amy’s Kitchen Mac & cheese: (Dairy & Gluten free)

Price:  £2.99 Gluten Free:Dairy Free Rice Macaroni & Cheeze

Availability: Health food shops/Whole Foods.
(Tesco do sell a Gluten free version but not dairy free & gluten free)

There is only one word to describe this EPIC!

Perfect to keep in the freezer for a quick easy dinner.

My cons are its price! & its very high in calories.

Tesco Free From Battered Onion Rings

Price: £2.00 Tesco Free From Battered Onion Rings

Availability: Tesco (freezer free from section)

Perfect treat to go with any veggie burger or with the mac & cheese.

Schar White Ciabatta Rolls

Price: £2.00 Schar White Ciabatta Rolls

Availability: Most supermarkets (free from section)

Perfect for garlic bread & dipping in soup

Violife Cheese Alternative

Price: Around £2.30 Free From Violife Block Cheese Alternative

Availability: Tesco/Asda/Waitrose

The block is perfect grated on pizza & the slices are good for toasted sandwiches,

Cons, It doesn’t melt completely & uncooked is a little rubbery, but is a nice cheese alternative.

Tesco Free From Coconut Milk Drink 1L

Price: £1.25Tesco Free From Coconut Milk Drink 1L

Availability: Tesco (Milk free from section)

I have tried every plant milk you can name, and this is the only one that doesn’t give me a sore throat after two cups of tea, I use it in all my baking.

Swedish Glace Vanilla Non Dairy Frozen Dessert

Price: £2.20Swedish Glace Vanilla Non Dairy Frozen Dessert

Availability: Most supermarkets (ice cream freezer section)

This alternative to ice cream is one of the best for taste and value, Its rich and creamy and they also do a raspberry flavour (i’ve only found that one in Waitrose) which is amazing too. Perfect with my apple crumble or my sticky toffee pudding.

Tesco Free From Strawberry And Vanilla Cones x4

Price: £2.00 Tesco Free From Strawberry And Vanilla Cones

Availability: Tesco (freezer free from section)

These are yummy! If the weather gets warm stock up if you see them in stock, they sell out very quickly.

Tesco Free From Penne Pasta 500G

Price: £1.40Tesco Free From Penne Pasta 500G

Availability: Tesco (free from section)

To be honest I like all the free from pastas from Tesco, Asda & Sainsbury’s.

Vego Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Vegan

Price: Around £1.95 Vego Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Vegan

Availability: Health food shops & online

These are so good, very rich & very addictive.

I hope these help you when you are shopping & thinking of wanting to try something, feel free to share your favourites with us and if you have any questions as always message us on here or via our Facebook page or on twitter.

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  1. This is a great list! It does upset me too that supermarkets try and charge people more when buying free-from. 🙁 I once bought dairy-free bagels from tesco free-from and were quite disappointed with them, especially considering they were around £2.50, then annoyed with myself when I found out new york bagels co. bagels are already vegan-friendly and much cheaper!!

    1. It really upsets me too, to amount of people i have had that conversation with in the free from section and told them to look at normal brands too, xx Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂 There will be a follow up post in a few months, as people have asked for me, so make sure you like our Facebook page so you don’t miss it 🙂

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