Emily Boo & my first YouTube review.

I have entered the world of YouTube and all the enchanting people that make videos & make up the YouTube community.

The delightful Emily Boo and her adorable little daughter have a made a fabulous review video of some yummy cakey delights, I sent Emily as a little thank you for her support.

I love Emily’s channel on YouTube and have watched her videos for over a year so I was truly honoured when she said she would make a video about the cakes I was going to send her.

Im not going to lie I was very scared I was worried she wouldn’t like the cakes or they would get trashed in the post but stepped up to the challenge and thought I would send her some of my favourite things I have made recently.

I had to think of things what would post well and hopefully wouldn’t get too squashed in the post & I wanted to try and send things that captured Emily’s bright personality & I knew from watching her videos that she was partial to a little chocolate.

So in the box i sent there was:


  • Fairy Jam, Mixed berries with edible sparkly glitter.
  • Peanut & chocolate Banana Cake,
    (Recpie is part of my 5 things to do with ripe bananas so its coming soon)
  • Creme flowers, But i made them blue & green, click here for the recipe 
  • Chocolate marshmallow cookies, click here for the recipe 
  • Chocolate sparkly mermaid push cakes with edible purple glitter
  • Chocolate velvet cookies, click here for the recipe
  • Chocolate zombie Hello Kitty cupcakes
  • & a Living Dead Cakes mug.

All 100% vegan and gluten free. 20160313_143001966_iOS

Sadly zombie kitty got a little squished in the post but Emily’s daughter still had a little nibble.

Here is Emily’s wonderful video.
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I really do love her channel on YouTube and she also like Maleficent and Disney villains so anyone who likes Maleficent is ok with me.

Her videos range from alternative shopping hauls, to new tattoos, & OOTD’s,  Emily even documented her tattoo laser removal journey and the ups & downs and pain that it caused.

One of the reasons I love her channel and think Emily is lovely person all her videos are so honest and from the heart, You can see she really puts her all into her videos even though she has a little daughter a husband and a job she still finds time to upload good quality videos.

Some of my favourite Emily videos.

Random question tag.  A great video to get to know the wonderful emily

Dear 14 Year Old Me. I love the honesty in this video, what would you tell your 14 year old self?

Here are all Emily’s links so go like and subscribe to her and show her some love. ❤️ ❤️

Emily’s links

Thank you Emily & little Violet for the amazing video you made. ❤️

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