Vegan ice lollies: Vegan & Gluten free on a budget

We have made ones for our furry friends so its only fair we make some for ourself!
Dog ice lolly recipe can be found here 

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out or spend a fortune on the vegan options in the supermarket & you can make them so they fit into your dietary requirements.

These are 3 of my favourite recipes for cool cruelty free treats, 2 of these are refined sugar free and only contain the natural sugar found in the watermelon & other fruit you add,  the other is a rich decadent treat.

This is the first recipe in my Vegan & Gluten free on a budget series, so keep your eyes peeled for more tasty cheap on a budget recipes,

I used some traditional ice lolly moulds from IKEA for £2 & found the other two sets in the £1 shops. Not only are these tasty they are very cheap & easy to make too.

Perfect to make with children.

Ice Lolly one :
Watermelon & Strawberry


These really are so easy, the thing take takes the longest is waiting for them to freeze!

300g Chopped & de-seeded Watermelon
150g Chopped strawberries

Using a hand blender or in a NutriBullet blend up the watermelon and strawberries, pour into the moulds and freeze over night.

Thats it, it couldn’t be any simpler.  If you don’t like strawberries you can add 75g blueberries.

Ice lolly two:
Watermelon Kiwi


350g Chopped & de-seeded Watermelon
50ml Coconut milk
1 Kiwi, Sliced

Using a hand blender or in a NutriBullet blend up the watermelon and pour into your moulds and freeze for 1 hour, after an hour and a few spoons of the coconut milk to the tops of each mould and freeze again for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes and some sliced kiwi to the tops and add the sticks and freeze over night.


Ice Lolly Three:
Peanut Banana cream


These are my all time favourite! So yummy.

3 Very ripe bananas, chopped and frozen for 1 hour
65ml Coconut milk
2 Tbsp. Chocolate peanut butter

I chopped my ripe bananas and froze them for an hour, if you do this your ice cream will  be thick and yummy!

Using a hand blender or in a NutriBullet blend up all your frozen bananas, coconut milk and 2 very generous spoons of chocolate peanut butter & pour into your moulds and freeze over night.

All of these treats are a great way to get your children in the kitchen. I know both my children love making these.

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